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7 Tips for Designing Around a Fireplace

7 Tips for Designing Around a Fireplace

With the cold winter weather setting in, there’s no better time to spend the evening at home with the fireplace burning. You can’t beat the sound, smell, and sight of a wood fireplace. Electrical fireplaces also add a touch of class and elegance to a room.

Fireplaces not only bring warmth to a room, they provide structure and can be made into a beautiful focal point. Yet, designing around a fireplace can be difficult. You’ll have to keep safety in mind while also ensuring your furniture and other items are perfectly placed. Looking to transform your living room or family room? Keep reading for 7 tips for designing around a fireplace.

1. Keep a Safe Distance

When designing around a fireplace, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is the distance between the fireplace and furniture. It’s recommended that there are at least three feet between the fireplace and the furniture. Even if you’re using a screen or glass doors to protect from popping embers, the heat produced by the fire can damage furniture. Also, the intense heat produced by the fireplace can be enough to ignite a fire. All rugs, upholstered seating, and couches should be no closer than an arm’s length.

2. Embrace Grouping

If you want your fireplace to be the focal point of the room, you’ll want to arrange your furniture around it. This arrangement is especially nice if you have a traditional fireplace. Making a square with your furniture is a good way to organize your sofas and armchairs. If you have a coffee table, be sure that it’s in the middle of the sofas and chairs. This arrangement not only creates a focal point, it’s also ideal for maximizing warmth for you and your guests.

3. Try Going Minimalist

For a more modern look, avoid clustering your furniture around the fireplace. If you have a modern fireplace that is more of a showpiece versus a functional one, minimalist decor will flow nicely. To achieve a minimalist look:

  • Place a contemporary sofa in front of the fireplace
  • Accent with a few lounge chairs
  • Use a modern coffee table

The minimalist look works nicely for apartments, condos, and other small rooms. Using Edmonton modern furniture in your room will change the entire look and feel.

4. Go Zen

Do you embrace the ideas of feng shui? If so, you can incorporate them into a room with a fireplace. Feng shui is all about balance and spatial arrangement to influence the flow of energy within a room.

First, be sure to use soft surfaces, neutral colors, and symmetry within the room. Face the sofa towards the fireplace and accent with armchairs. For a true Zen style, contemporary furniture Edmonton is a must. Contemporary furniture is made with sleek lines, designs, and materials.

Take the look a step further by turning an oversized ottoman into a modernized coffee table. Use it as a placement for a floral arrangement or other décor. At the same time, the ottoman can also be used as extra seating for guests who want to gather around the fireplace to get warm. To complete the look, use warm grey or taupe paint on the walls.

5. Angled Fireplace? No Problem!

Angled fireplaces definitely pose a design difficulty, as you can’t use a traditional or symmetrical design. To get the most use out of the space, focus on coziness and warmth. Turn the area into a seating nook versus a room. Avoid using overly plush or large furniture. Modern furniture fits perfectly into nooks.

It’s also important to avoid dark-colored furniture, as it can make the nook feel and look smaller. Bright neutrals such as white and blue-greys are perfect for making the space look bigger. Embracing natural light can also add depth to the nook.

6. Dress Up the Mantel

Furniture is only one part of designing around a fireplace. All rooms need accessories to give them a completed look. When designing a room with a fireplace, there are all sorts of accessories that you can use to enhance the beauty of the fireplace.

If your fireplace has a mantel, use it! Mantels are perfect for placing candles, vases, and other small accessories. Your mantel is versatile and can be changed to fit any look or season. Add fresh greenery and flameless candles for a beautiful wintertime touch or place bunches of fresh flowers on it to liven up the room.

To avoid putting holes in your walls, you can also use the mantel to hold a picture or a mirror. Find a picture that adds a pop of color to the room or one that ties the entire look and feel together.

7. Accessorize

For fireplaces without a mantel, make good use of the space above the fireplace. This empty area is a good place to hang a mirror, a picture, or wall sconces. For a traditional look, mount two sconces on either side of the fireplace.

If you want to go more modern, a fun mirror can take your fireplace from drab to fab. For practical use of the space, mount a television. This ensures the fireplace is the focal point of the room. When mounting a TV above a fireplace, ensure your wires are hidden in the wall and that the screen isn’t exposed to high levels of heat.

To add a touch of wow to the fireplace area, install stone or bricks. This adds depth and beauty to the fireplace. It can also add height to the room, making it look bigger.

Furniture to Fit Any Room

Properly designing around a fireplace is all about choosing the right furniture to fit the feel of the room. For a modern and minimalistic room, you’ll want to use modern or contemporary furniture. While there are plenty of Edmonton furniture stores with modern pieces, you’ll want to know that you’re buying high-quality furniture that not only looks nice but will last for years to come.

From small nooks to a huge family room, furniture can make or break it. If you’re looking for a contemporary furniture store in Edmonton, look no further than Mobler Furniture. We offer a wide range of options, including love seats, ottomans, and sofas in Edmonton. We also sell other room décor, including wall units, end tables, and console units. For quality furniture in Alberta, Mobler Furniture is the company for you.

Don’t wait any longer to transform your living room! Make the most out of your fireplace. Call us at +1 780-444-1199 to learn about our huge inventory of modern furniture in Edmonton.

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